Dos and Don’ts a week before wedding about styling 婚前應該唔應該


  1. 好”行”,但必須: 早睡早起
  2. 每天補濕mask。
  3. 披肩小外套隨身。
  4. 幾個月前買落嘅婚紗請再試穿。
  5. 慢D,講嘢慢D,行路都要慢D。
  6. 保持正常三餐,必須定時。
  7. 修甲。
  8. 染髮。
  9. 多喝水。
  10. 若感小毛痛盡早同醫生攞定D藥作後備。


  1. Sleep earlier, wake up earlier.
  2. Facial mask everyday.
  3. Bring a scarf or jacket always.
  4. Put on the wedding dress that you bought for months as final fitting.
  5. Talk slower, walk slower.
  6. Insist to keep 3 meals a day on time.
  7. Manicure/Pedicure
  8. Color your hair.
  9. Drink more water.
  10. See doctor asap once you feel anything wrong to get drugs for just in case.dos



  1. 試任何未用過嘅化妝護膚品上面。
  2. 麥記,魚生,海鮮或任何易敏感易肚痛易爆瘡高危食品。
  3. 針清脫毛。
  4. 做導遊,招待海外到來嘅親友,攪到自己未結婚已攰到透支。
  5. 電眼睫毛。
  6. 電負離子。
  7. 燥底,包括男友,親友或伴娘姊妹。
  8. Botox或任何微整型。
  9. 婚前一晚飲酒,免頭痛等side effect及脫水。
  10. 拔罐/刮痧,免起沙或刮損皮膚。


  1. Try anything new on your face.  Don’t take any risk.
  2. Eat McDonald’s, seafoods, raw fish or anything at high-risk.   Good to your skin and your digestion system.
  3. Facial/waxing few days before.
  4. Too many parties with your friends/relatives from overseas.
  5. Perm your eyelashes.
  6. Ionise your hair.
  7. Fight with anyone.  Including your fiancee, your mother, your bridesmaids…
  8. Botox or any facial injection.
  9. Alcohol the night before the day.  To avoid headache, skin dehydration.
  10. Scrape therapy/vaccum cupping.  Avoid wound or skin redness.donts1