Touching table numbers 感人的枱號



我就覺得佈置其一,如果可以同賓客互動(大家都知等食時幾悶架啦),又或者有紀念作用,噤嘅枱號就very good喇!

1)  用新人小時侯的舊相片
用返1歲時嘅相做table 1,2歲相做table 2如此類推,噤連成長片段都可以慳返!


Found lots of beautiful table decorations like table-wares, table numbers, name cards, flower centerpieces etc in the Western weddings, but Hong Kong seems a bit behind the trend.  let me give you some inspirations on table numbers.

Personally, of course it’s great to have some nice table numbers, what if the table numbers can get your guests involved (everybody know how boring to wait the banquet start), or with memorial ideas, it’s worthy to put some effort one it.
Below are 2 non-pricey but meaningful ideas on table numbers.

1) Make table numbers from baby photos.
Age 1 as table 1, 2 as table 2 etc, you can even neglect the grow up video.

(photo from hyer images via http://emmalin

2) 週年留言枱號
呢個我最like,邀請賓客寫D嘢畫D嘢,table 1 係for新人一週年睇返嘅,table 2 for 兩週年睇返嘅,

2) Anniversary guest book
I like this one the most, you can invite your guests write or draw something on it, table 1 for the 1st anniversary, table 2 for the 2nd anniversary etc.
It would be lovely if those aunties/uncles can share their experiences on marriage or give you some reminders.

(photo from http://emmalin

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