7 unwelcome wedding guests/ 7種婚禮不速之客

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  1. 飲醉嘅賓客
  2. 煩爆你嘅伴娘/姊妹
    “條裙顯得我條腰好肥; 無白色高踭鞋點襯……”
  3. 發緊夢嘅兄弟
  4. 全民攝影師
  5. 只想到,唔想做嘅新郎
  6. 突然殺出嘅IC
  7.  (扮係)下下幾十萬上落嘅老細


headache bride

Typical unwelcome guests at a wedding:

  1. Drunken guests
    Especially for those who had been drunken before the wedding
  2. Complaining bridesmaids
    “I look fat in this dress; I don’t have white high heels to match with the dress…”
  3. Sleepy groomsmen
    Do not know what to do where to go, and gone for “fresh air” when you need him
  4. Unofficial photographers
    Take photos with his/her own phone for every group photo,
    and asked your official photographers’ help to take photo with their phones.
  5. Non-involvement groom
    He just wants to be the groom but not gets involve.
  6. Ad hoc person-in-charge
    Some guests volunteer to help when they found that the wedding is out of control;
    but there’s guests want to perform themselves, even ignore couples’ guidelines,
    most of them are impolite too,
    Da Jin and Auntie A are popular ones.
  7. Busy bosses
    Talk on the phone loudly during ceremony.

You can do nothing with them, you will feel better only if you have some preparations in mind for the above.