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3 wedding apps that you cannot miss/ 三個不能錯過嘅結婚apps

Wedd’Budget 萬事起頭難,計好budget就可以逐步開始喇: How should I start the big project in life? Let’s start on budgeting.   WedHappy 點逐步開始? 唔知唔緊要,呢個app有埋日子倒數,適當時侯要做D咩就會提你: Which step should I start? WedHappy has countdown suggestion for each task, and will remind you in appropriate time:      JustBride 有budget有時間表後,就梗係要搞靚自己啦,二百幾款妝頭,可以慢慢參考,今日限時免費呀! With budget and timeline, the most important party to a bride of course […]


Touching table numbers 感人的枱號

從網上見到西方的婚禮單單在佈置餐桌上己花盡心思,由餐具,擺設,枱號,座位名,鮮花裝飾等, 件件靚到我O咀,似乎香港呢方面仲未追得上,今次等小編引大家引局,介紹D正嘅枱號諗頭比大家啦。 我就覺得佈置其一,如果可以同賓客互動(大家都知等食時幾悶架啦),又或者有紀念作用,噤嘅枱號就very good喇! 以下兩款所費無幾,但就意義深重。 1)  用新人小時侯的舊相片 用返1歲時嘅相做table 1,2歲相做table 2如此類推,噤連成長片段都可以慳返! 當然,如果你攪80圍嘅,就用1個月2個月噤囉。 Found lots of beautiful table decorations like table-wares, table numbers, name cards, flower centerpieces etc in the Western weddings, but Hong Kong seems a bit behind the trend.  let me give you some inspirations on table numbers. Personally, of course it’s great to have […]