Pre-wedding suncreen 婚照好朋友

去東南亞旅行要準備防哂就人人記得,但好多新娘影婚照就係忘記左呢個最重要嘅環節。 首先提提大家,擦面同擦身嘅防曬,係必須分開嘅。 面嘅防曬大家都唔會陌生,但身嘅防曬好多人都怕擦, 怕陣太陽油味,怕立,怕黏污漕D衫,怕難洗。 Most of us aware the use of sunscreen when we travel to Asian countries, but I found that many brides forgot about it when they go for the per-wedding photo shooting. I would like to remind you sunscreens on face and body are totally 2 different thing. I believe most people […]