Dos and Don’ts a week before wedding about styling 婚前應該唔應該

應該 好”行”,但必須: 早睡早起 每天補濕mask。 披肩小外套隨身。 幾個月前買落嘅婚紗請再試穿。 慢D,講嘢慢D,行路都要慢D。 保持正常三餐,必須定時。 修甲。 染髮。 多喝水。 若感小毛痛盡早同醫生攞定D藥作後備。 DOS Sleep earlier, wake up earlier. Facial mask everyday. Bring a scarf or jacket always. Put on the wedding dress that you bought for months as final fitting. Talk slower, walk slower. Insist to keep 3 meals a day on time. Manicure/Pedicure Color […]