How to buy

Purchase flow:

Step 1:  Choose the product, add to cart.

Step 2:  Select your products, then “view cart”, select shipping method by “shipping and handling”, “Proceed to checkout”, then complete payment.

Step 3:  Product will be available in 14-21 days.

Step 4:  Send out product.


第一步: 搶購心移商品,加入購物車 (add to cart)。

第二步: 選好所有商品後點 (view cart),選擇寄件方法(shipping and handling),前往付款 (proceed to checkout), 然後根據指示完成付款。

第三步: 預購商品將於14-21天送到。

第四步: 隨即會寄出商品。



Since products are limited in quantity, immediate  payment would be a fairer purchase method, first buy first serve.

Visa/master/AMEX through PayPal for online payment.
Handling charge 5%, will be beared by Brideals.






  1. Includes local shipping by courier (commercial and industrial areas).
    C.O.D. for the extra cost to residential areas, islands and remote areas.
    Please click here for the additional cost and coverage areas.  SF self pick up centre not available for discount items.
  2. International delivery, please contact us for fees.


  1. 價錢已含本地快遞郵費,地區限於工及商業區。
  2. 國際快遞,請聯絡我們查詢各地各類型收費。


Terms and conditions:

  • Brideals will not keep stock for all products in order to control products in low cost, it takes 14-21 days for product delivery, we will send out product once they are ready.  Please re-consider if you need the products urgently for the wedding.
  • Part of seasonal products may renewal in a very short period, product may subject to lack of stock.  Brideals will send out product according to payment sequence, refund will be arranged if lack of stock, and with immediate notification in our Facebook page.
  • Color deviations may exist for different computer displays.
  • Please inbox us through Facebook for enquiry.


  • Brideals以不存貨方式,從而將商品控制於最低的價格,運送商品需時14-21天,視乎訂購區域來源,同時我們亦會代為品檢,盡量避免寄出瑕疵品。然後Brideals會隨即將商品寄出。如婚期將至,或等商品急用的客人,請勿下單訂購。
  • 部份季節性商品有限且更新速度極快,有時因物料短缺或換季的緣故,有可能會發生斷貨或是貨量不足。如遇有這類情況,Brideals將以匯款順序寄送商品,同時亦會於Facebook發出公告,缺貨的客人亦會獲得全數退款。
  • 基於電腦新舊型號質數設定不同,商品難免有色差問題。
  • 任何問題請善用Facebook私訊,與我們聯絡。

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  1. Debby September 30, 2014 at 7:08 pm Permalink

    i have just ordered the wedding words cube but how do you know what kind of words i want as there is nowhere for me to choose the words???

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